Signe Johanne Andersen

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1898-3-30 30/3/1898 (in Koldlez: Denmark )

Nationality: Dane

Roles in Organisations

  • LoN Economic and Financial Section : LoN Statistical Clerk (LoN Second Division) (15/11/1922-1/3/1923)    LoN Junior Assistant (LoN Second Division) (1/3/1923-15/4/1925)    LoN Senior Assistant (LoN First Division) (15/4/1925-1/6/1927)   
  • LoN Pool : LoN Shorthand Typist (LoN Second Division) (6/7/1922-14/11/1922)   
  • LoN Secretary-General's Office : LoN Member of the Intermediate Class (LoN Second Division) (1/6/1927-12/5/1928)