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  • Mueller International Hydrographic Organisation (Director)
  • Nisson International Committee of Democratic Action for Peace (Editor)
  • Dr. Dagny Bang Medical Women's International Association (Vice Chairman)
  • Belzy Kjelsberg International Congress of Working Women (Vice President) / International Federation of Working Women (Vice President) / International Council of Women (Vice President)
  • Hassa Horn Commission Internationale de Ski (Director)
  • K. Vieh-Smundson Commission Internationale de Ski (Secretary)
  • Vegard International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (Vice President)
  • Paulson Comité de Jonction des Congrès Internationaux de Sténographie (Member of a Committee)
  • E. Skottun International Broadcasting Union (Member)
  • Prof. Ragnar Knoph International Educational Cinematographic Institute (Member of the Governing Body)
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