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  • Grigor Vassileff International Committee of Democratic Action for Peace (Member of a Committee) / Federal Committee of European Co-Operation (Member)
  • Archbishop Stefan Gheorgieff World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship throughout the Churches (Vice President)
  • Prof. Znakow International Christian Press Commission (Chairman)
  • Golouboff Comité de Jonction des Congrès Internationaux de Sténographie (Member of a Committee)
  • Dr. W. Kantcheff Délégation Permanente du Congrès International de l'Organisation Scientifique du Travail (Vice President)
  • Dr. Théodore Zouboff LoN Information Section (LoN Temporary Collaborator)
  • Pentcheff LoN Information Section (LoN Temporary Collaborator)
  • René Marie Frédéric Charron LoN Economic Relations Section (LoN Director)
  • Wladimiar Karakacheff LoN Financial Section & Economic Intelligence Service (LoN Member of Section)
  • Georges Kriwochieff LoN Information Section (LoN Temporary Collaborator)
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